I am currently sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Iowa City. Hootie and the Blowfish is playing overhead and Two and a Half Men is on the television in front of me. Neither of which I can change.

It’s like my worst nightmares have joined forces to create a perfect storm of awful. I realize I could just change seats, but it’s more fun to whine.


I am having a stupidly bad day. I’m trying to wrap things up before leaving on business and it’s not going well. Mainly because I have two websites that got hacked and I’ve been trying to fix them for a few days. Thought I had it finally covered. Woke up this morning and it’s back.

I take it very personally when this happens. As a result I’ve had this massive headache all day—both literally and figuratively. And I’ve been pouring over files and permissions and code and logs and god knows what else.

With the TV on in the background I heard the faint strains of a Pixies song from Surfer Rosa. And I thought, “Pixies! Pixies always cheer me up.” So I wandered over to my very dusty CD collection (poor things, they must be lonely) and proceeded to look for Doolittle, which should be sandwiched somewhere in the middle of the Ps.

Only it’s gone.

Of course there’s no way to even start to figure out what may have happened to it. Too many moves, too many roommates, too many house parties. Lord knows when it wandered off. And of course it just makes me wonder what other CDs are now gone.

Can one thing go right today? Just one. All I ask.


So the next Presidential election looms and we’re in the thick of the primaries. I’ve sort of accepted that there’s a good chance my team’s not going to win this one. And I’m okay with that. It’s how these things work.

But I must admit the GOP primaries have me worried. Although not for the reason(s) you might think. See, I would prefer that this country not elect a president who kinda seems like a douche. And Gingrich kinda seems like a douche.

I may not have liked GW as president, but I would have at least grabbed a beer with him. I may not like Romney’s politics (although I have no problem with his private equity past–some of my favorite people work for and/or run private equity firms), but I wouldn’t classify him as a douche. Gingrich? Can’t so much say the same.

I think it’s the same way I’d feel if I lived in Italy. I wouldn’t have liked Berlusconi as PM on the same principle.


Sherlock is back for another go with series two. Can’t wait to see Irene Adler.


Pantone Color of the Year : Tangerine TangoIt wouldn’t be a new year without a new Pantone Color of the Year. This year it’s Tangerine Tango. Or 7625C for those of you keeping score with a handy dandy Pantone book.

I have two, just for the record. Ostensibly because I need them to pick colors when dealing with printed pieces but mainly because I thought it would make me feel like a real designer.