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Quotes from Sherlock

James “Jim” Moriarty (Andrew Scott)

Series One

Series Two

Series Three

Selected Quotes from Series One

Moriarty: You can't be allowed to continue. You just can't. I would try to convince you. Everything I have to say has already crossed your mind.
Sherlock: Probably my answer has crossed yours. He aims the gun at Moriarty and then down to the bomb-laden jacket...

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Selected Quotes from Series Two

Moriarty: Sorry. Wrong day to die.
Sherlock: Oh. Did you get a better offer?
Moriarty: You'll be hearing from me, Sherlock.

Moriarty: You need me, or you're nothing. Because we're just alike, you and I. Except you're boring. You're on the side of the angels.

Moriarty: Well. Here we are at last. You and me, Sherlock. And our problem. The Final Problem. "Staying Alive". So boring, isn't it? It's just... staying. All my life I've been searching for distractions. And you were the best distraction and now I don't even have you. Because I've beaten you. And you know what? In the end it easy. It was easy. Now I've got to go back to playing with the ordinary people. And it turns out you're ordinary. Just like all of them. Oh well.

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